Classic Spit Roast

Please Choose One Option From The Following
Gourmet BBQ
~ The Following Items, Grilled To Perfection: Hand Made British Beef Burgers. Chefs Own Gourmet Sausages. Thai Chicken Kebabs. BBQ Meaty Marinated Spare Ribs.
~ Or ~
Spit Roasted Free range Pig
~ A Whole Pig Slowly Spit-Roasted Over Flames. We Raise All Our Own Pigs at Our Free Range Facility Barkham Manor Farm Please Feel free to Pop in And See Us At Any Time Carved And Served By Our Professional Hog Roast Chefs ~
~ Or ~
Whole Roasted Ethically Sourced Spring Lamb
~ Slowly Roasted Over Flames and Draped With Fresh Rosemary. Sumptuous Aromas and Incredible Flavour. ~

~ Or ~
Whole Roasted Chickens
~ Roasted Whole To Perfection. Served Golden and Moist. With Freshly Made Sage And Onion Stuffing, ~
~ Or ~
Roast Sirloin Of Prime Beef
~ Whole Roasted Sirloins Of Sumptuous Beef. Prepared Over Flames To Your Liking. Served With Red Wine Gravy ~
~ Or ~
Whole Roasted Turkeys
~ Fresh Turkeys Roasted Whole Over Flames. Moist and Delicious. Served With Fresh Cranberry Sauce, With Home Made Sage and Onion Stuffing ~

All Served With Soft Floured Rolls.

All Items Include A Home-Made Vegetarian Option

This Service Includes:

Skilled Hog Roast Tunbridge Wells Staff To Roast Your Meat At Your Venue.
Gazebos Which We Roast And Serve Under (Should The Weather Or Yourselves Require It). A Serving Table Laid With Crisp Linen
Any Left-Over Meat To Be Either Carved And Served On A Platter, Or To Be Disposed Of. All Refuse To Be Discretely Removed And Disposed Of Off Site For Your Convenience.